Grand Pianos

Grand pianos can take Saturdays off To take a towel to their torsos Remove any dust and start anew. They don’t have to be grand Or great Or a multitude of superlative degree Hyperboles. Extremes Don’t have to write the story. She sits somewhere in the middle of useless and perfect Holding a pen. Releasing … More Grand Pianos

Cobblestone Goodbye

Cobblestone roads lead me through flowered trees. Counting my steps, I wobbled delicately, only Distracted by birds chirping a song I did not know. I did not know why, of all The roads, I walked this distinct path, but choices Were never my forte. Your face creeps Out from behind the trees slowly. I couldn’t … More Cobblestone Goodbye

Break the Barrier

When I saw the stale, still smoke Through a window showing the rainiest day of our summer, I couldn’t help but think of your brilliant, free soul. You’re stuck, dear– smoke in a hotbox. You’re shivering with excitement with nowhere to go.   Us. The pronoun places me next to you in every room, fitting … More Break the Barrier